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2 hours ago // huge dork but i love u - i love all 3 of u tbh - the walking dead - makos-lightningrod + 4071

You didn’t wanna be there. That’s why I tried to talk to you.

2 hours ago // the walking dead - makos-lightningrod + 1839

Killian losing his focus when Emma asked him out.

3 hours ago // this part made me laugh - imagine his facial expression - once upon a time - captain swan - ouat spoilers - jemmasimonns + 616

I didn’t bring you here to worry about the Snow Queen…

I brought you here to have a good time…

3 hours ago // once upon a time - ouat spoilers - captain swan - connorwalhs + 794

Forever disappointed we didn’t get a Killian Jones Shopping Montage assisted by David Nolan with special guest Tim Gunn.

3 hours ago // more like Once Upon a MISSED OPPORTUNITY - i had high hopes and they were crushed - captain charming - ouat spoilers - + 32

just finished the ep. there’s a lot of build up for the rest of the season and i’m excited.

spoilers under cut

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3 hours ago // i feel like discussing the show - but since i'm 3 hours behind everyone i'm sure all points have been discussed already - so there's no point w/e - ouat liveblog - ouat spoilers - + 1


I think Andy may have realised that his animal is of the stuffed variety.

1 day ago // i am laughing so har - d - i never noticed what andy was doing - oh my goood - parks and recreation - rustypipes-and-tigerstripes + 50442

my blog url is going to be relevant in tomorrow’s episode

1 day ago // yay for unintentional canon urls - ouat///// - + 2


Rosita Espinosa killing a walker with her earrings 

2 days ago // the walking dead - the-walking-dead-art + 2564

'Neil also has a joke where, when the gang's eating take-out, Barney can never get the food to his mouth while eating with chopsticks…'

—craig thomas (quote)(video)

2 days ago // nph is the best - how i met your mother - lasertagandcigars + 40348